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Delivery Information


       Our authorized shipping companies are UPS or any other delivery agent(s).

       The time required for the order to delivered if the purchase is completed before 05:00 pm, is 8 to 10 business days. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not included.

       You can always track your order through our website.

       The minimum order value is $20. We apologize for not accepting orders with lower than that amount.

       Our team is always ready to provide you with any additional information by directly communicating with us through our e-mail, phone, WhatsApp and our Facebook page.

       As our products are very fragile and will be damaged due to a long time of shipping and returns. Therefore, order with wrong or misspelt address will not be refunded or replaced.


Return Terms & Conditions:

• If the customer wishes to return the order or part of it with no the convincing reason, "the reasons are explained in Appendix B below", the customer bears the following costs:

1.      Shipping costs

2.      Transaction fees.

3.      10% of the value of the returned items

• In case the customer wishes to return the order or part of it with a convincing reason. "The convincing reasons are set out in Appendix B below," the customer has the right to return the whole order or part of it, and he will be refunded in full.

• The allowed period for the return of the products is 7 days from the date of purchase. No cancellation or return of products will be accepted after the expiry of that period.

• If the customer would like to return the product, it must be in good condition and within the original package.

• The Semiramis Online is entitled to determine the appropriate payment method.

• The customer will be notified by e-mail, immediately upon the receipt of the returned products and the appropriate refund method.

• The Semiramis Online refunds the value of the products to the customer within two working days starting from the date of the notification email.

NOTE: Return due to change of mind or any extra costs due to tax charges by his/her country is NOT ALLOWED.


Annexe B:

acceptable reasons for returning the product:

1. The product is damaged.

2. The product does not identical to the description declared on our website.

3. The Product is expired.

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