When did the celebration of Mother's Day begin globally?

The first celebration of Mother's Day was in 1908 thanks to Anna Jarvis, who had the idea to make Mother's Day an official holiday in the United States, and she was very attached to her mother, and she was a daughter of the convent, so she did not marry.

And Anna Jarvis, the owner of the idea of Mother’s Day, began a wide campaign that included businessmen, ministers, and congressmen, to declare Mother’s Day an official holiday in the country, and the church had honored Miss Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania on May 10, 1908, and this was the beginning of the celebration of Mother’s Day In America, and with the year 1911, all the United States had celebrated this day, and the US Congress officially approved declaring the celebration of Mother’s Day, on May 10.

Mother's Day 2023

The date of Mother's Day differs from one country to another, as follows:

In the Arab world, the first day of spring is March 21.

In Norway, it is celebrated on February 2.

In Argentina, it is October 3.

South Africa celebrates it on May 1st.

In the United States and Germany, the celebration is on the second Sunday of May every year.

In Indonesia, they celebrate it on December 22nd.

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